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Rural Tourism Meeting at La Salamora June 2011

On Thursday, June 23 a Rural Tourism meeting took place at La Salamora where authorities of tourism of Maldonado and Lavalleja states  and  private tourism operators worked to create a new tourism trail related with Route Nr 60 one of the most panoramic routes in Uruguay.


The program was:

At 10: 00:-welcome and presentation of participants
      Presentation of Maldonado’s Tourism project
      Report about Second Show of Rural Tourism held at the Liga de Fomento of Punta del Este last march
      Report about the  Sustainable Tourism Fair held in Foz de Iguazú may 2011
      At noon:  Lunch

Presentation of issues to work together:
      a) Third sample of Rural tourism 2012 in Punta del Este.
      b) Regional Sustainable Tourism fair
      c) Tourism web

Representatives of transport operators, rural  and mining tourism where at this meeting , as well as the Directors of tourism of Lavalleja and Maldonado and the staff in charge of the  of Rural Tourism Department  of Maldonado´s government.
This group work all day and they end up with the idea of making a trail having  Route Nr 60 as the axis  submitting  in a couple of weeks a proposal to work together the private operators Maldonado and Lavalleja Governments.


We have agreement with: