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Taller de cielos con el Prof. Gonzalo Vicino


Along with Mickey and Paul (mother and son) who came from USA to visit Uruguay for their third time we visited the Prof Gonzalo Vicin`s Observatory at Villa Serrana a lovely small country town. It was an peaceful early autumn afternoon, where the evening gave us an awesome sky, clean, colorful and excellent for sky watching. After a snack we climbed up to the Observatory and we enjoy not only the sky, but also the knowledge of Prof. Viccino who instructed us about the beauty of the sky in our southern hemisphere. For Mickey and Paul was such a wonderful experience and were surprised to see the rings of Saturn or the clouds of Magallanes. And that was not all, they discovered that the Milky Way is simply wonderful.



According to what Mickey wrote in our Guest Book"... learning about your beautiful Uruguayan Sky was just the topping of our experience…"


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