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Montevideo Minnesota Queen visited La Salamora

minesotaAlicia Morales, (one of the owners of La Salamora) was an AFS exchange student many years ago the State of Minnesota in the USA.  Visiting at that time the sister city of  Montevideo Minnesota Many years later was called by Partners for Partners, an organization that is based on the sister cities of Montevideo Uruguay  and Montevideo Minnesota to receive  at La Salamora Montevideo Minnesota Queen.

Amanda represented her city in different events  where La Salamora began to get closer to her and her parents.  We participate in an delicious dinner at the home of Maria Paula Ruiz  who had recently visited Montevideo Minnesota, then we had the chance to visited the home of the USA Ambassador,  Mr. Nelson who offered a barbecue at his residence.

Amanda and her parents arrived at La Salamora together with Federico Stol  who published a book about the traditional festivities in Uruguay and he traveled to Montevideo Minnesota to investigate about their traditional festivities too.

We spent a very special weekend with guests who live in the rural area and known about life in the countryside,of  course in a different environment such as the American Midwest. It was  a pleasure to receive them..


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