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In July 2009 a “day activity” was organized at La Salamora by the PPR Responsible Production Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing of Uruguay, GEF and World Bank where several projects were presented. We received many people involved with these projects and the weather contributed with the walking tour we made. These activities are periodically organized in order to learn about the advances of the different projects that Uruguay has to protect the biodiversity.



In the same project with PPR and GEF - World Bank the Salamora is reintroducing the Yerba Mate in a creek in the middle of the native forest The trail up to the garden can be made on foot or by horse and then get into the creek to recognize the little plants of yerba mate . There are signs explaining all about the Yerba Mate and the Uruguayan most famous drink “The Mate”



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This project consists of two fundamental and complementary parts

1) We design trails inside the native forest so that the guests of La Salamora can make circuits within the rolling hills and creeks. These trails are made respecting the native vegetation and trying to make a minimum impact on the environment. There are signs showing the trails, the distance, exigency and time for each circuit.

The guests will find signs and marks that will show them the trails. Also there are some “rest and enjoy the place stops”.

Some bridges over the creeks were made to make the trails easier for the guests.

There are some brochures with maps and information about the walking trails



2) Yerba Mate Garden

Another part of this project is the reintroduction of a plant that for Uruguayan is very important YERBA MATE Illex Paraguayensis. This plant used to be around this area long time ago but at this moment there are only few place where it can be found on the forest.

First we delimitate an area to avoid domestic animals get into the garden

We planted 10 Illex Paraguayensis brought from the north state of Tacuarembo and 30 other plants made by Eng. R Nin at this greenhouse at Rocha state.

We also made signs informing about this plant to the guests so they can recognize the yerba mate inside the forest and also learn the process. We are checking the plants twice per month in order to have a record about the sanitary status.



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