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Horse Riding


La Salamora´s horseride trails are all of them across the rolling hills, the rider will have the chance to see and ride over places that only can be reached by horses.

Guidance by the hosts, the guest will get to know places of an awesome beauty, old stone houses built 200 years ago, recreate the history of an area colonized by Spain and Portugal a long time ago, ride by valleys, creeks, hills and royal trails only known by the Gauchos

Get close to the paleo history of Uruguay riding to the Stone Cones Valley, visiting a Copper Mine which Charles Darwing described during his trip to this area in 1842, or getting astonish finding a Stone Castle in the middle of the hills. Having lunch and making a stop by a mineral water stream or just simply enjoy the sunset sitting on your horse in top of the Windy Hills

Our horserides are made to be enjoyed by everyone, we offer from short trails (1 to 3 hours) with a low degree of difficulty to full day long horserides with a degree of greater difficulty


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